HolaGuard is an accident insurance

In the event of a qualified accident, we can help with expenses and much more…
As low as $18 a month*

*Prices Vary per State
Get covered
*Prices Vary per State
HolaGuard is as easy as A, B, C!
A . Get HolaGuard
Apply online – the qualification process is very simple and, if approved, your coverage starts the next day!
B . Got Injured?
HolaGuard is accident insurance that covers you if you have bad luck and get injured.
C . We have your back
Submit your claim through your online dashboard,we'll start the claim process right away!
Global Repatriation
Provides transportation of a covered member’s remains to his/her primary place of residence in the United States and repatriation of foreign nationals to their home countries
  • Expenses for preparations; embalming or cremation
  • Transport casket or air tray
  • Transportation of remains to place of residence or place of burial
Add our Telemedicine product for $12.95.
Our bundle of telemedicine includes and
  • Our telemedicine product offers over the phone assistance with licensed medical professionals 24/7.
  • Follows the Schmidt-Thompson protocols (Pediatrics and adults).
  • You can receive a diagnosis and receive possible prescription referrals (Prescriptions are subject to doctor’s approval).
  • Prescriptions will not be filled if they are considered controlled substances (Depression, mental disorders, etc.).
  • No Pre-existing conditions check.
  • No limits on how many times you can call.